A Journey to the Sanctuary and Meeting Your Higher Self With Guest Expert Kate Bartam-Brown


A beautiful Soul and Leader of the Modern Mystery School. This Modality Masterclass is also a beautiful experience we encourage all of our Coaching students to embrace.

Have you ever wanted to learn to meditate, or just get better at it?
Then the Sanctuary Meditation class is for you.

Over two hours you will take 2 amazing journeys into your sanctuary, find answers to those questions you have been asking, get clarity on what move to make next, or simply learn how to switch off the mind so you can truly relax. Once relaxed, the body and mind can achieve 10 times more in a day than when we are stressed… so you see meditation has something for everyone.

No experience needed, just bring yourself and the will to try it out!
This meditation has been handed down by guides and teachers in the Mystery School Lineage of King Salomon for over 3000 years and was used by sages, medicine men/women, magicians, artists, inventors and great leaders such as Telsa, Sir Winston Churchill, Plato, Sir Issac Newton, David Bowie and many more to gain great insights and make great advances for humanity.

This training enables us to see what is coming from our negative ego and was is coming from our higher self, this is the key to living life from a higher perspective.
This technique is only shared with those that are ready, that are willing to do the great work. I look forward to sharing this with you.

Kate xx

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