Removing The Toxic Ego – Masterclass


Pippa is a Spiritual Teacher and Healer.
She works with women on their spiritual path to discover their inner lighthouse. Through Pippa’s teachings, they release the patterns of the toxic ego, to remember their true nature, and to connect to their higher self. As a result, they move into alignment and an energy of peace and serenity, living everyday feeling divinely guided.

Pippa knows her spiritual journey began from the moment she was conceived in this world. She remembers vividly as a child seeing an orb in her room, and ever since she has been following the breadcrumbs in life that have guided her to where she is today in her work.
After having a quantum shift in 2020, Mother Earth appeared to Pippa in nature to help her remember who she was, reminding her she was worthy and that her gifts and purpose mattered. This life-changing miracle moment led her to learn The Tao de Ching (The Great Way) which she now teaches within her work to the beings she is here to support. This philosophy helps them to connect to the path of enlightenment.

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