3 Reasons Your Dynamic Professional Lifestyle May be Making You Feel More Like a Failure Than a Success

Nov 14, 2022

Women often feel greater burdens juggling life and career than men do. Here’s why.

As a Professional Woman, it’s common to find yourself burning out while trying to manage everything. 

With success will always come sacrifices. That’s unavoidable. But when they start to wear you down, you need to stop, take stock, and reevaluate your goals, strategies, and lifestyle.


Here are three reasons you may be feeling worn down, burnt out, or like a downright failure:


Not setting effective boundaries.

Boundaries are vital to put in place both for yourself and for other people. Always running slightly behind schedule is a sign you need better self-discipline and boundaries.


Children, adult family members, and clients all require boundaries too and will even respect and appreciate you for clarifying them.


Boundaries are a sign to yourself that you feel worthy.

Not scheduling in personal time.

Also known as self-care, relaxation, and family time, you need to prioritise this over and above your work time. A healthy mind needs a healthy lifestyle.


Schedule your personal time into your calendar, leaving adequate, defined chunks of time to focus entirely on your business.


This is a valuable sign of self-love.


Not setting effective goals.

We all know about setting SMART goals, and these are vital. But do we spend time connecting with those goals every day?


When we connect with our goals, we feel the desire and emotion attached to them, and that powers us along like rocket fuel.


Use vision boards, post-it notes, and any mementos placed around your work stations to remind you to feel into what you wish to achieve.


Inner Glow is Key

If you don’t feel like you are glowing on a daily basis, there is something out of balance and you need to address it, shift it, and reignite it now. To further support you we have provided a beautiful 2 minute affirmation audio below to reach your purpose and fulfilment. We encourage you to listen to this daily in those moments you need to reignite your inner glow! 

With Love & Glow xx

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